Department of Commerce: Cancel the export tax rebate for some commodities does not mean foreign poli

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Head of Finance Division, Ministry of Commerce recently said that the export tax rebate cancellation of some of the goods the export tax rebate rate structure is fine-tuning, mainly to control high energy consumption, high pollution exports, ensure "five" emission reduction targets.

Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation issued a circular on June 22, decided on July 15 lifted part of the steel, nonferrous metal processing materials such as 406 tariff lines of export tax rebates. Finance Division, Ministry of Commerce think, this adjustment should not have a big impact exports in the long run will help to promote foreign trade development mode.

"This adjustment does not mean that the national foreign trade policy shift." The official pointed out that the main focus of this year's foreign trade was "expanding the market, adjust the structure, promote balanced" policy in foreign demand to keep the continuity and stability to the whole in focus. Abolition of export tax rebate of 406 tariff lines, while control some agricultural products (15.66,0.01,0.06%), rapid export growth, maintain domestic farm prices relatively stable, does not mean that foreign policy "exit", I believe some companies will overcome the temporary difficulties .

The official pointed out that the abolition of this tax rebate of 406 tariff lines, accounting for only about 3% of the total Haiguanshuihao; in 2009 the export of these products 11 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for only 1% of total exports that year or so. Cancel refund policy in the short term the market may have an impact, but it should not cause a sharp decline in exports, will not change the overall situation of foreign trade.

The official explained that the cancellation of export tax rebate of some products, reflecting the state to speed up industrial restructuring and the changing way of promoting the development of foreign trade policy intentions, help to guide enterprises to optimize the product structure, improve the quality and grade of export products; help guide the enterprises to improve deep processing level, to promote low carbon emission, energy-saving environmental protection exports.

Next, the Ministry of Commerce will also be under the export situation, continue to improve its export tax rebate rate structure, and strive to maintain continuous stability of export tax rebate policy, strive to create a relatively stable foreign trade policy environment.